The best way to get over your fear of examinations

The best way to get over your fear of examinations

The best way to get over your fear of examinations
The best way to get over your fear of examinations

This is a fear that is common among most of us or one that was present at some point in our lives. We all dread the idea of having to sit in one place and answer questions that may determine our future or at least the next immediate move of our life. Some of us are able to get over this fear after few minutes of starting the exam while the rest of us would either faint or have some other scary episode during the exam or sometimes even not have the courage to attend the exam at all.

However, we cannot avoid exams all our lives and therefore, it is good to come up with some personal strategies to handle them.

Practice makes perfect

This saying is very relevant to exam fear. The more exams you do, the degree of fear you have towards them is bound to decrease. This doesn’t mean that you should sit for as many exams during your school career. Instead you could work with an English, science or maths tutor Melbourne and do a few practice exams every week. There won’t be any real stress with regard to the outcome of the exam when you do this. You will just get conditioned to the setting of a typical examination and would be able to cope with one better.

Set your own expectations and objectives

One of the main reasons people fear exams is because of the expectations their parents and teachers have of them. They are reluctant to even attempt the paper because they believe that the results will bring disappointment to the ones they love and respect.

If this is the issue that you are having doing a hundred practise exams with a maths tutor Melbourne won’t do you any good. You will need to have the courage to disregard the expectations others have for you and set your own goals for your life. Set goals in such a way that it meets your standards and capabilities and not according to what others believe you are capable of.

Lose the fear of failure

Most failure fearing students have a strong unwillingness to face exams. That is because their psychology prevents them from taking chances or trying hard. They’d rather devalue themselves or pretend not to care about the exam, thus imposing the blame of the bad grades they received to the fact that they didn’t work hard enough.

If this is the kind of student you are, the best way to get over your fear of failure is by getting emotional and social support. It could be through your parents, teachers, siblings or friends. Simply having someone to talk to when you fail at something will help you cope with it better.

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